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1.  What majors does the college offer?

The college offers three majors for international students: Detection and Maintenance of New Energy Vehicles, E-commerce and Mechanic and Electronic Integration Technique.

2.  Where can I apply for a visa?

     Exit and Entry Reception Hall of Xuzhou Public Security Bureau.

     Address: 33 Kuangshan Road, Xuzhou


3.  What scholarships does the college offer?

 The college offer two types of scholarships: Full Scholarship and Merit Scholarship. Please refer to the Scholarship section of the website for detailed information, application requirements and application methods.

4.   How do I apply for admission?

   Fill in the Application Form for International Students of Jiangsu Vocational College of Safety and Technology, and send scanned copies of all application materials to the designated email address. For details, you can click "Online Application" and operate according to the process guidelines.

5.  What are the uses of the campus card?

   The campus card can be used for dining in the canteen, shopping in the campus supermarket, charging water and electricity in the dormitory, paying for medical treatment in the campus clinic, borrowing books in the library and so on.

6.  What language will be used for academic students' professional courses? 

 Academic students are taught in Chinese. 

7.  What is the requirement of Chinese level? 

     The college recruits both academic and non- academic students. Those who have reached HSK level 4 can apply for academic degree, and those who have reached HSK Level 3 can apply for non-academic degree. 

8.  Can I apply during the COVID-19 pandemic?

 Yes, students who apply can study online through the online courses first and wait for the opening of the country to study in campus. 


9. What are the accommodation conditions in the college? 

Student dormitories are managed in apartment-style and the campus network is fully covered.  The dormitory is 2-3 persons per room, independent air conditioning, toilet, bath, desk, storage cabinets, etc. There is a communal laundry and boiler in the corridor. The living facilities are complete and convenient, and high quality services are provided by professional property company. 

10.   Is there a large supermarket or shopping mall near the college?

        Metro Supermarket, Wanda Plaza and Vanke Xinhuai Center are nearby.


11.   What is the geographical location and environment of the college? 

       The college is located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. Xuzhou is an important node city of The Belt and Road and an important comprehensive transportation hub in China with convenient transportation. Xuzhou enjoys four distinct seasons and a climate of seasonal temperate semi-humid monsoon. There is no there is no chilly winter and hot summer, with an annual mean temperature of 14℃. 

13.   How to get to the college?

      The transportation in Xuzhou is convenient. Guanyin Airport has opened more than 20 domestic and foreign air routes. Xuzhou is the hub of the national high-speed rail network, and it takes about 3 hours to Beijing, Shanghai and other cities by high-speed rail.


      Via Xuzhou Guanyin Airport

       1. You can take airport limousine to get off at Xuzhou East Bus Station (High-speed Railway Station) where you can call a taxi to SUAN.

It takes approximately 45minutes from the airport to the college. The fares are about 35 Yuan.

      2. You can also take a taxi from the airport directly to the college if you carry lots of luggage. The fare totals 100 Yuan or more.

     Via Xuzhoudong High-speed Railway Station

     1. You can take bus No. 10 from the exit platform of Xuzhoudong High-speed Railway Station and get off at Xuzhou Dongfang Hospital Station (next to the gate of the college). The fares are 2 Yuan.

     2. You can take a taxi from Xuzhoudong High-speed Railway Station to the college, costing about 10 Yuan within 20 minutes.